Reduction of fossil fuel reservoirs and sources and also worries on global warming has enhanced worldwide attention on other fuel and energy structures. The International Energy Agency has reported that power production from non-hydro renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen will surpass gas and nuclear in 2016 and it is estimated to grow by 40% by 2020.

“Combined heat and power (CHP), is the concurrent production of electricity and heat. Common power generation wastes about 65% of energy potential as heat loss. On the other hand, cogeneration energy production is able to reach efficiency of 75-90%, and is also valuable in cold weather locations. Another advantage is the proximity of the average cogen facility, in comparison with the 5-10% loss in transmission of electricity from powerhouses to the end user.

The 2017 International Conference on  Clean energy and Co-generation system (ICECOGEN 2017) on 21-23 February 2017 in Tehran, Iran will be a scene to exchange research innovations, skills, technological, social, economic and policy concerns including advances in the Cogeneration (CHP), Clean Energy Technologies, Small Power Plants and District Energy systems. Here, energy professionals, policy designers, researchers, members of the academies, engineers, members of the energy supply sector, etc., will have a stage to emerge research findings, technological innovations, and even to discuss important global, regional and national issues in energy consumption for progress and environment policies and plans.

Dec. 9, 2016 is the last deadline for submitting papers.
Dec. 30, 2016 is the last deadline for submitting papers.


Best Paper Award (prize 700 USD)

(Open to all papers presented at the conference)

Best Young Researcher Award (prize 500 USD)

(Open to all papers presented by young researchers, less than eight years after PhD)

Best Doctoral Paper Award (prize 300 USD)

(Open to all thesis papers presented at the conference)

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